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This is Canaan Briar Ridge Kennels Home of Gus and Glory, Bouvier Des Flandres.  We are on 450 acres located in Southeastern Indiana.  Our land is inhabited by 70 angus cows and Bouvier dogs.  The Bouvs live in a confined area of approximately 3 acres.  They are confined so that our cows are allowed  to graze.  If Gus is out of the yard, he thinks he should take the cows to the barn and he will cover all 450 acres to find them because he loves to herd. Glory is kenneled only when whelping.  

The dogs have a very active natural country life.  They are well socialized with children, grandchildren and other family member’s dogs.  They have attended Larry Painter’s cow camp and have very good herding instincts.   They had the instinct and I am the one who was actually trained to herd.  Gus is a fine drover while Glory excels at up close pen work.  They are exercised every evening by either herding the cows or running with the ATVs.  

Both dogs are shown in confirmation rings and are working to earn their championships, but their true enjoyment in life is herding.